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Microphone de conférence entièrement numérique RX-A7D

Avec la technologie de conférence entièrement numérique restmoment, conforme à la norme internationale iec60065. Microphone supercardioïde carré avec un noyau de microphone à condensateur plaqué or de 14 mm de diamètre; Distance de ramassage jusqu'à 130cm. Le microphone dispose d'un réglage EQ symétrique 5 bandes. Chaque microphone peut être configuré avec un EQ différent.

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  • Ø Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60065 international standard.

    Ø Adopt high speed RISC embedded hardware structure, more reliable, faster

    Ø Simple and stylish, it is the ideal equipment for high-end conference.

    Ø Full digital audio processing and transmission technology; Point-to-point access; Sound quality will not be attenuated after long-distance transmission; The distance between devices can reach 150 meters.

    Ø Square super-cardioid microphone with 14mm diameter gold-plated capacitive microphone core; The pickup distance is up to 130cm.(It should work with audio processor)

    Ø Equipped with 4-inch LCD color touch control screen. The contrast of the display can be adjusted independently. It has clock display ,voting, interpretation and conference service functions.

    Ø The microphone has independent manual gain adjustment, automatic gain adjustment, microphone bass cut on/off and other functions.

    Ø The microphone has a 5-band EQ balance adjustment. And each microphone can setup a different EQ.

    Ø The square base is made of zinc alloy material, working with a square microphone rod. The overall design is elegant and beautiful.

    Ø The square pole can be rotated up and down 60 degrees, 180 degrees left and right.

    Ø Square microphone with high directional electret microphone and red speaking indicator light.

    Ø Excellent resistance to mobile phone interference.

    Ø It has double backup guarantee function: the unit has a conference-specific 6PIN cable (6PIN with male/female lockable connector) interface and an RVVP2*0.5 cable (48v phantom power XLR male) interface. Once a channel fails, the microphone can still work normally.

    Ø It has "Y-line hand in hand" and "ring hand in hand" connection methods

    Ø The system has "hot swap" function.

    Ø Built-in channel selector. It can receive 8/16/32/64 channel and display the corresponding channel name.

    Ø It can send/receive and read short message.

    Ø Each unit has an arbitrary assigned ID address for easy installation and avoiding duplicate ID addresses.

    Ø Has five microphone working modes

    Ø Quantity limit mode: 1 to 6 units allowed to be turned on at the same time

    Ø FIFO mode: After reaching the limit quantity, the last open unit covers the earliest open unit

    Ø Application mode: All delegates speakings are rejected or approved by the Executive Chairman

    Ø Voice activated mode: turn on the unit with sound control, adjustable voice threshold

    Ø Press key to speak mode: Press key to turn on microphone, and leave key to turn off microphone.

    Ø Working with video tracking camera, the system can realize video tracking function.

    Ø Working with the conference management software, it can realize many voting modes:

        ● Voting method: Approve/ Against/ Abstain. The pass rate can be set.

        ● Election method: 1/2/3/4/5. It supports multi-select one, multi-select more, total10 modes

        ● Response mode: --/-/0/+/++, the number and content of the buttons can be customized

        ● Scoring method: 0-100, the average score based on the actual number of keystrokes

    Ø The system supports 150 chairman units working at the same time. One of them can be designated as the executive chairman. The working mode can be switched through the menu.

        ● Approve or reject the application to speak

        ● Start check-in, vote, score functions

        ● Turn off the specified microphone

        ● Turn off a microphone that is turned on first

        ● Turn off all microphones


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  • Modèle RX-A7D Série
    Type d'unité Président Président / unité représentative
    Réponse en fréquence 20-20 KHz
    Microphone tpye capacité
    Sensibilité du microphone -48dB
    SNR 110dB
    Gamme dynamique 110dB
    Niveau de pression sonore 138dB
    Distorsion harmonique totale <0.05%
    Tension de fonctionnement 24DC
    Consommation électrique maximale 2W
    Connecteur 6Connecteur verrouillable pin et connecteur mâle XLR
    Taille de la barre de microphone L: 225
    Dimensions de la base 181 x 118x 60mm
    Couleur Gris noir (personnalisé)
    Installation Desktop

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